How can I override CSS 2016-07-17    5

In the following examplehttp://jsfiddle.net/xBRPg/I'm trying to create a yellow background for one of my table rows. The following line of code<table class="table table-bordered table-striped"> Seems to supersede my own styling. If I remov

Bootstrap 3 Panel Layout 2016-07-17

Hello I have some panels I'd like to be on the left side of my page, at the moment I can't get them all equal and to the left side. How would I do this?Here is My code so far:@import url(https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Poiret+One|Raleway:100,

Form styling in Firefox vs. Chrome 2016-07-17    1

I am trying to get this registration form to look consistent across all of the major browsers, or at least Firefox and Chrome.http://www.lukaspleva.com/MoneyThink/new_mentor_application.htmlIt looks GREAT in Chrome, especially as far as the spacing b

jQuery Top Right Corner Page Flip 2016-07-17    1

I am after a plugin similar to this: http://www.jquery.info/scripts/jFlip/demo.htmlSpecifically the second example but I actually do not want the whole page to flip - I just want to show a bit of info at the top right hand corner so only want the fli

Change Visibility of Divs from Code Behind (ASPX) 2016-07-17    2

I have a table in html, and inside that table there are multiple rows 'tr', inside each row there are multiple columns 'td'. What I need it to change between two td's to show inside a particular row.I have both of them specified in an aspx file, like

Create scenario like breadcrumb 2016-07-17    1

Hello, I need to create scenario like breadcrumb in html. I have a page which have navigation such as home --> department --> computer -->semester 1 If i am on computer page then it should give breadcrumb ashome->>department->>compute

A Dynamic website using PHP 2016-07-17    7

I am a beginner PHP programmer. I searched google for a "Dynamic PHP website tutorials". I found some stuff. They use $_GET variable to make the website dynamic, so the URL's appear like this:example.com/?page=homeexample.com/?page=aboutexample.

Two column CSS-layout for HTML-form 2016-07-17    1

I need a HTML-form with a two-column-layout (label - input). The problem is that the left column holding the labels depends on some user input, so I can't use a fixed width (e.g. 150px). The result should look like this: First name: [ <INPUT> ] Last

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